Three Simple Firefox Ideas to Improve Browsing

Firefox happens to be the world's second most-used desktop browser, and this means Mozilla must keep increasing the app in a way that perfectly adapts as to the users expect from it.

Quite simply, it's not enough for Firefox to just provide a solid browsing experience, but additionally provide users having a series of extras that would prove useful every time they wish to perform certain things faster or easier.

Obviously, Firefox is a very complex browser, which is actually one of the things that made it very popular today.

And truth be told, mastering Firefox isn't something that everyone is able to do, especially because at first glance, it's rather hard to discover the great finds that aren't so obvious when first launching the app.

Today, I'm going to highlight three such simple tricks, and while some might already know they're there, others would certainly find them super-useful. Of course, you can share your tricks regarding how to take advantage out of Firefox while using box at the end of the article.

Mute tabs in the keyboard

I don't know about you, but sites with playing media are often quite annoying, albeit features rolling out today and enabling blocking auto-playing media pretty much reduce the impact of the issue.

However, there are moments when you just want to mute the tab that you're browsing, like YouTube for example.

Most of the time I use the mouse because that's the greater natural thing to do, but right-clicking a tab and then muting it clearly isn't the quickest and many convenient approach to take. Fortunately, Firefox has a hotkey to instantly mute an energetic tab:


This hotkey must be used when you are browsing the tab that you would like to mute, so for example if YouTube is playing the media, when browsing the net just press Ctrl + M and sound ought to be off. Press exactly the same keyboard shortcut again to unmute it.

"Search open tabs"

If you're like me, you most likely see the web with too many tabs active at the same time. I am talking about, at this time I have 9 active tabs, and I'm not really doing anything too complex online.

Finding out a particular tab when a lot of are running isn't truly the easiest thing to do because no, clicking each tab to determine what's inside is undoubtedly an irritating thing.

So instead, you can just search tabs using the dedicated feature that Firefox includes. All you need to do is click on the arrow near the tabs within the tab bar and use the ?¡ãSearch Tab?¡À feature. Type the name of the site that you're looking for and that's virtually it.

Firefox Task Manager

In Windows 10, the task manager is really a key tool to determine what apps reduce the tool and use a lot of resources.

Firefox browser has a similar Task Manager whose purpose is to help diagnose high CPU or memory usage within the browser. Basically, if you feel the browser slow or it generates unusual CPU usage, you can turn to this built-in Task Manager to determine the impact each tab and extension is wearing your system performance.

To launch Task Manager, just click the Menu button > More or type the next code in the address bar:


The interface is pretty straightforward, so you'll see a listing of tabs and add-ons, together with energy impact and memory usage. You can sort tabs by of those two criteria, so it's not hard to determine which one utilizes too much memory and slows down the browser.

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Microsoft on "Linux Is really a Cancer": We're an Open-Source Company Now

While Microsoft is betting big around the open-source world going forward, the "Linux is a cancer" nightmare keeps coming back occasionally, especially from customers who aren't necessarily certain the Redmond-based software giant expanding within this direction is the right way to visit.

Microsoft, on the other hand, tries to convince everyone that it loves Linux on each and every occasion, and one such moment happened the 2009 week in the Red Hat Forum 2019 in Melbourne.

Microsoft Australia CTO Lee HIckin took happens and also the first thing he said concerned the controversial statement produced by former CEO Steve Ballmer in 2002.

"I recognise the irony of Microsoft at an open source community event. I'm really proud to achieve that, and I'm humbled and privileged that we can be on the stage with Red Hat to share our story," Hickin is quoted as saying by ZDNet.

"An open-source company"

Much like before, Hickin insisted Microsoft is really a different company now, and also the long-term technique is betting big on open-source, less a competitor, but as a fully-committed partner.

"I say that with my hand on my small heart in a very serious way: We are an open source company, we're dedicated to open source, we're committed to Red Hat, and we're dedicated to continuing our engagement and our support to a broad open source community via a range of technologies, not least of which GitHub is a."

Microsoft is indeed betting big around the Linux world, and living proof are its efforts to bring together the open-source concept and Windows. Windows 10 now ships with Windows Subsystem for Linux, a platform which has already reached its second generation and that allows users to run Linux on top of Windows 10, with several large companies supporting the project, including Canonical.

And Microsoft states that investing in other products, like Azure, and working along with open-source partners, is living proof it's not all about Windows these days.

"We aren't the proprietary Windows company; we're outdoors source cloud which has a range of services across a lot of tools and technologies," Hickin concluded.

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Microsoft Releases Microsoft Launcher 5.9 for Android

Microsoft has released another stable update for Microsoft Launcher on Android, bringing the app to version 5.9.

The company presented the beta version of Microsoft Launcher 5.9 only a few weeks ago, and with today's update, users who aren't area of the testing program can try out the most recent improvements too.

However, what's worth knowing is the fact that Microsoft Launcher 5.9 isn't an update that's as substantial because the ones released before, as Microsoft focused only on smaller refinements this time around.

As you can see in the changelog that the software giant published in the Google Play Store, there are just two changes this time, together with a new calendar icon that's now dynamic and aligns using the current date.

"Live date update has become on your original calendar app icon, and Microsoft Launcher calendar icon is also updated having a cleaner look," the very first line of the changelog reads.

More improvements underneath the hood

There are obviously other under-the-hood improvements that you may certainly not notice initially, but many of these help generate a more consistent and stable approach overall. Microsoft says it implemented general bug fixes for that dock, wallpaper, calendar card, and also to refine the performance from the app.

A brand new beta of Microsoft Launcher for Android should land anytime soon, and this time I expect higher improvements, especially after this minor release. The stable updates typically follow a couple weeks following the first beta gets the go-ahead.

Microsoft Launcher became one of the top launchers in the Google Play store, albeit still it includes a long way to go before matching the recognition of rival apps like Nova. However, the frequent updates that Microsoft releases, along with the integration for Microsoft services and Windows 10 features, could help as a large incentive for users to give it a try on Android.

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