Microsoft Office 2019 is NOT the version you intend to buy

Plenty of know about this little software program called Microsoft Office. Microsoft estimates which more than 1.2 billion people still use Office all the time. That's one inch seven people alive! To say that Office very popular is a huge understatement free of charge one key component critical to Microsoft's whole business strategy.

However, a number of the company's future plans is regarded as a tighter integration of the company's products featuring its cloud-based services and subscriptions. The truth is, Microsoft now boasts around 120 million Office 365 active subscribers truly projecting that two-thirds with the business Office users shall be relying on the cloud by 2019.

But is Microsoft's push for cloud-based services deliberately putting its offline Office users using a disadvantage? With recent discharge of Office 2019, it certainly looks like that's the case.

Please read on and see why Office 2019 isn't the version you should get.

Office 2019 is restricted

The commercial sort of Microsoft Office 2019 was released for Windows and Macs right now, but if you're expecting it to be a mirror version of its cloud-based counterpart, Office 365, you might be in for a disappointment.

Once you didn't know, Office 2019 will be latest offline "on-premises" form of Microsoft's productivity suite, which bundles together long-standing favorites like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Project, Visio, Access, and Publisher.

Fun Fact: Microsoft's first Office application would have been a spreadsheet application called Microsoft Multiplan, released in 1982. The provider changed the software's name to Excel the mulch can become was launched to make the Macintosh in 1985.

While Office 2019 has most of Office 365's features like Learning Tools in Word and Outlook, new Morph and Zoom in Powerpoint, and "Microsoft Ink" improvements, it lacks a lot of Office 365's best functions.

Just for a, Office 2019 won't have Microsoft's machine learning capabilities and new search functions. It doesn't have Office 365's intelligent security features nor real-time document collaboration, either. This is often understandable mainly because these features be determined by Microsft's cloud servers.

Microsoft also held up clear that Office 2019 is known as a one-time purchase and does not receive feature updates (it will now still get the occasional quality and security updates, though). This means unlike Office 365, where subscribers always buy the latest and greatest features, Office 2019 users is definitely stuck with whatever application feature sets they possess.

Why Office 2019?

When Office 2016 was launched a few years ago, it has been identical to its Office 365 counterpart now make a firm in time, with more or less all the same features and functions. Office 2019, however, is now missing the entire set of features which were only available via an Office 365 subscription.

So is there much message that Microsoft is sending with that distinction? Well, if you're searching for the best Office experience available, you are required to move on and sign up for Office 365.

So if this provides the case, why does the offline "on-premises" form of Office still exist? Method although Microsoft understands that cloud-based applications may just be future, some organizations and companies are still not willing make that leap.

"For many customers, Office 365 is the option. It's the reliable, intelligent and collaborative sort of Office." Microsoft wrote to use Office 2019 FAQ.

"However, seeing the cloud serves as a journey, and our customers could very well be in different stages of that journey. Additional hybrid and on-premises. To help with those customers, our company has Office 2019, a valuable new release of Office which includes a subset of features from Office 365."

This move actually follows trends utilizing their company software companies that definitely have shifted their applications to cloud-based subscription services.

One example is, Adobe had successfully transitioned users from standalone versions on the popular products (like Photoshop and Premiere) in direction of subscription-based Creative Cloud service. With how Office 2019 is marketed, needless to say that Microsoft needs to replicate that success with Office 365.

Has it been cheaper to play with 365?

Back in July, Microsoft announced that it's increase the commercial in Office 2019 by 10%. That means a full shrink-wrapped copy will cost you around $225. A one-year, one-computer subscription to Office 365 Personal is $70.

Assuming that the offline version of Office gets updated every couple of years, subscribing to Office 365 will in reality be cheaper, bringing the all inclusive costs of ownership down overall. Additionally, with 365, you can always receive the latest versions amongst all the Office applications every time.

According to Microsoft's Office 2019 FAQ, right here are the Office 365 features that is missing from Office 2019:

Unlocks creativity

Editor in Word

Tap in Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook

Designer in PowerPoint

Researcher in Word

Ideas in Excel

Data Types in Excel

Made for teamwork

Real-time collaboration across Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

@mentions in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

Integrated for simplicity

Shared computer licensing

Language packs included

FastTrack Options

Intune Integration

Intelligent security

ATP in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneDrive for Business

Office 365 Message Encryption

Office Enterprise Protection

Add sensitivity label in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook

What's new with Office 2019, anyway?

Whenever you're still pondering on going offline with Office 2019, here the many improvements of Office 2019 versus Office 2016.


Black theme

Learning tools (captions and audio descriptions)

Speech feature (text-to-speech)

Improved inking functionality

Accessibility improvements


Funnel charts, 2D maps, and timelines

New Excel functions and connectors

Ability to jot down Excel to PowerBI

PowerPivot enhancements

PowerQuery enhancements


Zoom capabilities for ordering of slides within presentations

Morph transition feature

Ability to insert and manage Icons, SVG, and 3D models

Improved roaming pencil case


Updated contact cards

Office 365 Groups


Focused inbox

Travel and delivery summary cards

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Microsoft Explains How Fluent Design Overhauls Microsoft Office

Fluent Design is Microsoft's new design language thats liable to bring a major overhaul not just in the experience on Windows, moreover to the Office productivity suite, and also the arrival of version 2019, the software giant took serious amounts of explain how its software is getting improved together with this project.

On Windows 10, Fluent Design provides a visual update together with elements like acrylic and reveal, but on Office, the makeover evolved with more speed and also brought UX refinements.

"For the very first time in history, five generations share work - this remarkable reality makes improvements such as more important than ever," Jon Friedman, Head of Microsoft Office design, explains within the blog post.

Office 365 goes along with substantial improvements, just like dark mode, and moreover with an updated color palette, relying on lighter as well as more vibrant hues.

"We've been working to expand Fluent Design, and we've now aligned the particular Office 365 suite on typography and iconography. You'll watch a shared header across products, an identical grid everywhere, and added depth to pay attention to what matters," Friedman explains.

"The feedback focus"

Microsoft Search does its part addition to Fluent Design to overhaul residence electricity bill in Office, and operated by AI and Microsoft Graph, the productivity suite can now offer interrupted workflow.

Microsoft says the redesigned start pages are part of this modern overhaul, making it possible to organize files by frequency and activity in lieu of date and size.

Don't forget the other projects that Microsoft has launched recently, the agency wants feedback, and states that all the improvements it produced in Office are particularly improved to enhance fit users' needs.

"We always engage deeply with users to take root feedback. By way of example, we found people often leave reminders for their own reasons within documents. To be able to complete the procedure at hand without distraction, now you can simply type "todo" towards main body of an document to earn a reminder or @mention somebody who is affiliated can help," Friedman adds.

As expected, the Microsoft Office design chief ends by emphasizing how important feedback means the future of the productivity suite, and consists of users starting these latest improvements to find out the company what gachi think.

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Microsoft Office 2019 arrives in the event you don't want to buy Office 365

Microsoft has officially unveiled Office 2019 for Windows and Mac, however it's not very thinking about it. For the official announcement, Microsoft told me that Office 365 remains the best choice.

"The new enhancements in Office 2019 definitely are a subset from the long list of features of added to Office 365 ProPlus in the last three years," said Jared Spatar, Corporate Second in command for Office and Windows Marketing, throughout the press release.

Office Home and Business 2019 is often a one time fee of $249 to acquire a user. Office 365 charges a yearly Home subscription costing $100. The Business version starts at $8.25/month per user.

Depending you plan to create Office 2019, Office 365 might be more affordable. Since Office 2019 happens to be an on-premise solution, it is get automatic new feature updates like Office 365. Microsoft said they mean to keep updating Office 365 with latest features, and also asserted Office 2019 isn't their last on-premise release.

"We be conscious of the on-premises version of Office as an official important an integral part of our promise to give customers the freedom they need to turn to the cloud inside their own pace," Spatar said.

Microsoft said Office 2019 will be users who aren't "ready for any cloud." The upgrade is about users still utilising the traditional installed form of Office, and not Office 365.

The "new" upgrades in Office 2019 include better ways to create content through PowerPoint Morph and Zoom, new charts in Excel, and improved inking for stylus use.

Excel has more data analysis abilities, new formulas, and enhancements to Power Pivot.

Improved inking accessibility across Windows apps offers tools the same as the roaming pencil case, pressure sensitivity, and tilt effects.

The phrase 2019 upgrade enhances user focus to learn learning tools like Read Aloud and Text Spacing. Focus Mode has a user's content the main thing on the screen.

Office 2019 can be bought for commercial users now and often will release consumer versions inside the coming weeks.

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