Microsoft Office Icons Get Change 5 Years After Last Refresh

The Microsoft Office icons increasingly becoming a modern makeover.

On Thursday, Microsoft previewed the fresh new look, which swaps through the flat-design for thicker, 3D-looking symbols.

The next time the provider refreshed the icons was five years ago because of the release of Office 2013. Ever since, Microsoft has preoccupied with making the software suite an internet-connected cloud service operates on smartphones and tablets, and in addition PCs. In addition, the tech giant has additionally infusing Office with more AI-powered search and suggestion features.

"As a transmission to our customers, we've evolved our Office icons to reflect these significant product changes," Jon Friedman, head of Microsoft Office design wrote within blog post.

To us, the new icons look rather like plastic buttons. The symbols will also be tweaked with brighter and deeper colors. The letter representing each Office program has been downsized.

This new icons begins rolling out across Office in your coming months, starting with the mobile and web versions associated with the software. The redesign will first put on programs in particular Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneDrive, Outlook and Skype, among just a few others.

"Stay tuned, here is the beginning of a cross-company effort to update all icons from your same style," Friedman wrote contained in the comment section to his blog post.

"We are in the business of getting these icons into all formats were required to scale across products and sizes. We've tested them across all contexts (on black, white and color tiles) at several sizes," he added.

New icons will join other redesigns that've recently begun to Office. In June, Microsoft previewed a few, including a simplified-look with the "ribbon" on Microsoft Word, which appears appears program window and contains all the different functions.

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Microsoft execs field questions on diversity, Windows 7 holdouts, and offbeat campus plan at annual Q&A session

BELLEVUE, Wash. - The Q&A amount of Microsoft's annual meeting certainly is the one time annually that shareholders inside the company have the opportunity to stand up and grill the most effective executives about anything, from serious matters of politics, all sorts and the health inside the business to the occasional offbeat proposal. Next year was no different as shareholders roughly home in the Seattle area and far away as Germany fired off questions of this company's leaders.

Each time when Microsoft is neck-and-neck with Apple to the title extremely valuable company through the U.S., shareholders surprisingly didn't mention the company's cost or its stock price. Long ago, when the company's shares were stagnating, Microsoft's stock and Wall Street's opinion about the company were recurring subjects of criticism for shareholders showing that interest.

Early on inside of the session, Microsoft President and Chief Legal Officer Brad Smith called up Rev. Jesse Jackson, who, fresh off a physique with Gov. Jay Inslee inside the Washington STEM Summit yesterday, was standing in line to chat. Jackson has appeared at Microsoft and Amazon shareholder meetings in the last, and he has commented in a wide range of subjects, from privacy and security to incarceration of minorities into your importance of diversity and inclusion in technology.

"Inclusion brings about the growth, so when there is growth everybody wins," Jackson said.

Jackson lauded Microsoft due to the work on diversity and inclusion at some levels, citing leaders including John Thompson, Microsoft's board chair. He implored Microsoft and therefore the rest of the technology industry to be effective harder at contacting underrepresented minorities.

Here's what Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella simply had to say to Jackson:

Diversity and inclusion an important event core priority for the people, in fact even compensation for me and the senior leadership team is stayed with actually making progress for this year over year. And exactly a couple of weeks ago we released our annual report, which shows at a transparent way many of our diversity statistics. It's best for see the progress i am making, whether or not it's ethnic and racial diversity or whether it be gender diversity, you will find there's progress. But we're grounded that you've got a lot more distance to pay and every year, and every day we continue to push.

Specifically for the black and hispanic communities, one of the most new initiatives we started were to go to 50-plus institutions, which are HBCUs as well as predominately latino and hispanic colleges, and we are now competent to attract a bit more diverse student body. The intern class normally spend never ending hours with each year a lot more diverse previously, each year our company is more diverse. And so the entering class reflects that.

One of the other things we have been working on is inclusion. Once you get diversity in, consider things that will probably keep them at Microsoft could be their ability to realize that sense of inclusion and belonging contained in the Microsoft community. We really are working on that everyday, so everyone at Microsoft should trained and mindful and rehearse the inclusive behaviors.

In answering Jackson, Microsoft CFO Amy Hood pointed to one Microsoft initiative to cooperate with minority-owned businesses as partners and vendors. Smith addressed privacy, renewing his frequent focus on federal regulations. When legislation is passed, Smith claimed it will be "a good day for everyone, and it will be considered a good day for that industry so it will give people the boldness they deserve when applying our industry's products."

Other investors were keen on Microsoft's plans for Skype, Video games for the blind and LinkedIn's power to help students.

A few pre-determined questions delved into the company's past. One Windows 7 user said the world-wide-web Explorer browser in this operating system doesn't load many key popular features of websites and asked why Microsoft is "outsourcing browser support for an OS that quite a few users continues to be using."

Smith fielded that specific, answering having a grin: "You might consider Windows 10."

It wouldn't turn into a Microsoft event wthout using little inside baseball this is a over the head of everyone but the most devoted followers using the company. One shareholder referenced the particular X-shaped buildings who're scheduled into the future down as a part of sweeping refresh for the Microsoft campus, noting how "prophetic earlier founders were in buildings 1-10 basically because they look like Xboxes."

He suggested Microsoft use a K-12 Renaissance School in the campus renovation project. He recommended naming it big event mythical Building 7, that is definitely stuff of legend.

And would you run the college? "The original software architect," the shareholder said, talking about co-founder Bill Gates, who has been in the room.

The Microsoft execs chuckled thinking, though Smith used the opportunity talk about the company's should make the tools to guide schools all over the world. But it doesn't be understood as that the proposal might show up in the newest plans on the campus renovation.

"I think i am better served being inspired on your idea than pursuing all facets of its literal interpretation," Smith said.

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Apple fixes iCloud to be effective better with Windows 10 October Update

Apple just updated iCloud for Windows to version 7.8.1 today, which seems to fix compatibility issues users were reporting between iCloud and Windows 10's October Update, as spotted by 9to5Mac. Over the past few weeks, users happened to be reporting seeing a slip-up message and failed installations if they ever tried to upgrade iCloud for Windows over a Windows 10 machine running the October patch. Many users who already had iCloud before update have experienced bugs for example trouble with syncing photos.

Microsoft and Apple quickly said people were working on a "compatible version" to set the issues. Before today's release, Microsoft was in fact blocking users from performing the October Update no matter whether it detected the older iCloud software installed. Apple also noted on its support page that iCloud for Windows was work with Microsoft Windows 7 through Windows 10's April 2018 update, excluding the very best October Update. That support page now has been revised to reflect that iCloud should work fine over the latest version.

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